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Cornavirus Updates
Updates from Revd Canon Miriam 26th March 2020 Dear Friends, Although we are in difficult and challenging times we can not help but be lifted by the wonderful weather that has accompanied this first week of social isolation (second week for some people). Many people have taken advantage and have spent time tidying and sorting the garden, for those with children, the lovely weather has meant that the children can play out in the garden (after they have completed their lessons of course) and in many ways it has eased parents into the reality of children being off school for the next few weeks. It is easy, in this lovely weather, to be tempted to go further afield than our gardens but please do not be tempted, stay at home where you will increase your chances of being safe from infection or, if you are already experiencing symptoms, you will not pass the virus onto others. If you must go out please respect other people and maintain a good distance between you and them. If you are unable to go out and are running short of supplies or you just want someone to talk to then please give me a call - 01923 772109. It was with a heavy heart that I received the instruction on Monday evening from the Archbishop of Canterbury and our own Diocesan Bishop that our church, along with every other church in the country, is to remain closed for the foreseeable future. I know that many of you value the opportunity to go into church during the day for some quiet time and an opportunity to pray. These are indeed difficult times. But whilst the church building is closed, the church is very much open and active because we, the people who attend All Saints’, are ‘the church’. Our worship of God, our care for each other and our neighbours, our ability to serve God even in these constrained times, are as important now as they were before the Coronavirus arrived, we just have to do it in a different more imaginative and innovative way. I hope you have all received your booklet with morning and night prayer either through email or for those of you without email by post. I also hope that you are finding the prayers helpful and that you are able to get into a routine of spending time with God. One benefit of this enforced isolation is that it gives us the time to focus more on our prayer life, reading the scriptures and reflecting on God’s presence with us at all times. I have (and continue to have) a steep learning curve in relation to developing my IT skills but I am pleased to say that this morning I was able to live stream a service of Morning Prayer on Facebook. If you have a computer and are not on Facebook can I encourage you to join. There are always thought-provoking posts and now opportunities to join in with our worship. I know many people are worried about Facebook, but if you register you only need to type in All Saints Church Croxley Green then click follow on the front page, perhaps this can be a new skill that you can learn, I am sure that if you have teenage or older grandchildren they would love to talk you through the process over the phone. Now I have mastered Live Streaming I am planning to Live Stream Morning Prayer at 8am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and night prayer at 8pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Sunday morning I will live stream a service of Holy Communion at 9.45am. If you miss the timeslots don’t worry as you can always watch and join in later. As you are aware that for our Lent Course we are following The Prayer Course. It is a brilliant course looking at different types of prayer such as intercession, petition, contemplation, unanswered prayer etc. Obviously we are not able to meet as a group at the moment but fortunately the videos for each session are available on line at https// so we are able to continue to watch them and we have set up a Whatsapp group (using mobile phones) to enable us to share thoughts and questions. We had our first virtual Lent Course last night and it went really well. Can I encourage you to take time to watch these videos each week (we did Session 4 last night but the videos are only 20 minutes long and you can soon catch up) and if you would like to join us in the whatsapp discussion group send me an email with your mobile number ( I know that it is very difficult not being able to meet and worship together, and in these times of isolation and uncertainty it is even more important for us to continue to connect with each other albeit remotely. Please bear in mind that everyone, not only older people, appreciates a phone call/chat so please pick up the phone and keep in touch with each other. If you want to be in touch with someone but do not have their contact details than please give me a call. May God bless you, strengthen you and surround you with his love and peace. With my love and prayers Miriam 17th March 2020 Dear friends, In the light of recent restrictions put in place by the Government in relation to the management of Coronavirus, we have been advised by the Archbishop of Canterbury that we should stop all church worship and gatherings, with immediate effect for the foreseeable future. We recognise that this decision may further add to the fear and uncertainty that many are feeling about the current situation and we want to reassure you that the church will remain open every day from 8am - 5pm for those of you who would like to have a time of quiet reflection and prayer. There will be opportunities for you to leave prayer requests which we will include in our prayers each day. If you do visit the church please be mindful of other people who may also be there and ensure that you maintain a distance of two metres from them. We are exploring ways of keeping in touch and supporting people through the coming weeks. If you know of someone who would appreciate a phone call or you yourself would like to have a chat please contact us on 01923 772109. We will endeavour to keep you updated of the situation here in the weeks ahead. Please be assured that we are keeping you, along with those working in the NHS and care services, in our prayers each day. Information about Coronavirus including symptoms and reommended actions you should take can be found at