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Cornavirus Updates
Updates from Revd Canon Miriam 3ed April 2020 Dear Friends I hope that you are all keeping well and have adjusted to the new way of life that we have all had to adopt due to the Coronavirus. Next week is Holy Week and I know that for many of you the fact that we are unable to journey together collectively in our church through this most important week of the Church’s year, is very hard to bear. Holy Week is a very special and important time when we journey with Jesus through the events that led to his crucifixion and celebrate with joy his resurrection on Easter Day. I have put together a Holy Week booklet which is either attached to the email you have received with this letter, or for those of you without email is in the envelope along with this letter. The booklet has readings for each day which you are encouraged to read slowly and reflectively, there is also a simple activity to accompany the reading, full details are on the inside cover of the booklet. I pray that through following the readings and activities you will be able to mark Holy Week in a very special way and that for you, it will be a great spiritual experience that will enhance and deepen your relationship with God and your spiritual journey. It would be so lovely if you could perhaps share some of your experiences either with photographs or in words either by email to me or on Facebook. I will then share them with everyone (unless you ask me not to) so that we can all be enriched and encouraged by the ways that God is touching us and blessing us during this time of isolation. I always think that we are not very good at sharing our faith or experiences of God with each other, but I am sure that you will all agree that when we do hear someone sharing their testimony or sharing how God has touched or helped them we feel really uplifted and blessed, so let us strive to be a blessing to each other as we share God’s blessings on us. I have also attached or enclosed the order of service for Palm Sunday. This will not be a communion service, instead it will be a more informal style of worship and I do hope that those of you with access to Facebook will join me at 9.45am on Sunday morning when it will be live streamed. If you don’t have Facebook but do have a computer or IPad or phone that connects to the internet you can also pick it up on our Website but it will only be available there later in the day as we have not yet worked out the technology to get it live steaming on both sites at the same time! If you are planning to view the service please be prepared to join in with a couple of activities. You will need two strips of paper or thin card about 28cm long (11 inches) and 2.5cm wide (1.5inches) which we will use to make a paper cross, you will also need a some bread or a cracker or something similar on a plate. I am hoping that the children and young people will enjoy being engaged this service too so do please encourage them to join us as well. Next week I will send to you information for a Good Friday meditation which I am putting together using pictures of some of the stations of the cross in our church. Can I also encourage you to look either on Facebook or on our website where Anne Oke has put together a brilliant sheet of activities for families to use for each day of Holy Week, thank you Anne for this excellent resource. Also Sam Jones has posted a link to a Palm Sunday reflection by Paula Gooder who is a brilliant Theologian based at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Her talks are really interesting, down to earth, exciting and not at all high brow. If you want the link it is hhtps:// reflection-for-palm-Sunday. Due to restrictions placed on us and the requirement for social distancing we have been unable to print off our Parish Magazine this month, however this is available now on our website. We had a meeting of our Finance and Standing Committee over the internet this week and we just want to alert you to the fact that the closure of the church for worship and having to cancel all regular and one off hall bookings, means that we have very limited income coming into the church at the moment. This will have a significant impact on our financial resources and the mission and work of our church both now and into the future. We are hugely grateful to those of you who have signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme whereby your weekly/monthly donation is automatically transferred from your account to the church so we know that we have some income that will continue to come in. However this will not cover the ongoing monthly expenses that we are having to pay. Please can I ask you to hold this situation in your prayers and also, if you are able, to continue putting aside what you would normally put in the collection plate each week. I can arrange to collect this every few weeks or you can bring it to put in the collection plate when we are able to return to worship in church. Thank you for your prayers, understanding and support with this situation. May God bless you as you journey through Holy Week, strengthen you with his presence and surround you with his love and peace. With my love and prayers Miriam