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All Saints’ Church, The Green, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 3HJ
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So far, over the past few years, we have made the following improvements, and we are very grateful to all those who have helped towards the cost: 2008 New Gas Fire in Committee Room Raffles £461 New Ladies’ Toilets £3,000 plus £6,185 from Church Funds 2010 Repairs to the Hall Floor Church Funds £450 Dishwasher Raffles £2,132 Cupboards and painting of Youth Room SureStart Children’s Centre £2,210 Heating system – Boiler, thermostats, pipes £10,000 plus other Donations of £3,400 2011 Insulation of Loft and improving Loft Storage Space Church Funds £3,158 Hall renovation update - what next? And the answer is the kitchen. In the past four years our hall has been greatly improved. Starting with the gas fire in 2008, we now have a warmer, safer and more comfortable hall for members of All Saints' and for the wider community of Croxley Green. No-one would have predicted that we would be able to raise nearly £31,000 in four years, to provide a new gas fire, toilets, repairs to the floor, a dishwasher, storage in the youth room and loft, heating and insulation. But we did. You will have seen the poster in the hall showing what has been achieved so far, and the table below shows that half the cost came from grants and the other half from church funds, raffles and individual donations. And in those four years we also paid our complete parish share to the diocese. A sincere thank you to everyone who has helped. You will notice that the surplus donations (£843) not needed for the heating system were used for insulation. Added to this was the money recouped from Gift Aid (£685) for all the donations for the heating system. Money from All Saints' (church funds, raffles and donations) £15,786 Project Source Amount (£) Gas fire Raffles 461 Ladies toilets Church funds 6,185 Hall floor Church funds 450 Dishwasher Raffles 2,132 Heating Donations 3,400 Loft insulation and storage Donations & Gift Aid 1,528 Church funds 1,630 Total 15,786 Money from Outside Sources £15,210 Project Source Amount (£) Ladies toilets Three Rivers DC 3,000 Youth Room cupboards and redecoration SureStart Children's Centre 2,210 Heating Big Lottery Fund 10,000 Total 15,210 The next phase involves the kitchen and we need to make sure that it serves its purpose for the next 20 or 30 years or more. There's a growing demand for hiring the hall for a variety of functions and we need to ensure that it is a safe, healthy and welcoming place for people to meet. The demands for good and appropriate kitchen facilities are also increasing. The monthly lunches are very popular and we are confident that the numbers will continue to increase. Opportunities for young people to be more involved in cooking through Brownies and Guides also need to be considered, along with the needs of other social events, arranged both through the church and privately. The facilities in the kitchen need to meet standards of health and safety for on-site cooking to be done With this in mind, the PCC has decided to enlarge and refurbish the kitchen by removing the wall which separates it from the green room. We are now getting quotations for the work, and seeking funding. We already have a promise of an interest-free loan of £10,000 from Three Rivers District Council, to be repaid over four years. Much fundraising will be needed, but already there is money from Norma's raffles, Mary's jams and donations for Sunday lunches. You will soon be able to see plans and designs on the hall and church notice boards. This larger kitchen will solve the current problems of space, and also the ten problems of safety, hygiene and equipment which have been identified. Only half of these would have been solved by refurbishing the kitchen in its current size. Artist's impression of the new kitchen seen from the current Green Room (the middle of the cooker is in the position of the current wall) Some immediate results will be the ability to have cooked food instead of salad at the Harvest Supper, Sunday lunches prepared and cooked entirely in the kitchen, rather than having to cook the meat in advance at home, Guides and Brownies being able to learn to cook safely in larger groups, and people coming to the church for baptisms, weddings and funerals being able to use the hall for refreshments without the cost of outside caterers. This will also be true for parties and other social events. The programme of hall refurbishment (along with a programme of ongoing maintenance) will, we hope, ensure that in the future, 20 or 30 years from now, the hall will still be adequate for whatever the needs of the congregation and community may then be. Our hall is a great resource, which has been valued from when it was built until today. We hope that future generations will be able to say the same. What work will be done in the Kitchen? With its affordable hire-charges, the hall is used by 700 people each week. Many use the kitchen, built in 1932, with most fittings dating from the 1970s. The only recent improvement has been a commercial dishwasher, of enormous use for large events. We now plan to bring the whole kitchen into an efficient, hygienic and practical condition, by making the following changes: 1. Removing the wall which separates the current narrow kitchen from the adjacent room, to make a large square room. 2. Building a new wall to separate the kitchen from a corridor used for storage of tables, access to the cellar and access to the stage during performances. This wall will have a serving hatch. 3. Making good the walls, painting and tiling. 4. Laying a new non-slip floor covering. 5. Replacing all fittings (cupboards, cooker and sinks) but retaining the current dishwasher and fridge/freezer. 6. Work-surfaces will be stainless steel and cupboards will be robust. The result will be a large square area, with a one-way flow of hand-wash, dish-washer, food preparation, cooker and outlet to the serving hatch. There will also be room for a central island with a work surface and storage beneath. This larger kitchen will solve the current problems of inadequate space, safety, hygiene and equipment. We will carry out the work this summer and this is one project in an ongoing improvement plan for the Hall, which has only had minimum maintenance for the past few decades. The Hall is widely and intensively used by the local community and we aim to bring it to a state to meet the needs of the next 20 or 30 years, when we anticipate an increased need for meeting places and for the provision of hot meals. 2012 - The kitchen work is completed We have received a £10,000 grant from the National Lottery, for enlarging and improving the kitchen, to add to our £10,000 loan from Three Rivers District Council. We have also received £850 from Croxley Parish Council and a concession to raise money at Croxfest where we raised £889.50. £1,000 from Hertfordshire County Council and £214 in the form of a grant from Waitrose. The kitchen work is completed