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Organisations Badminton/Games Club  Bible Study / Home Fellowship Bookstall Brownies  Cell Church Church Flowers Church Choir Family Service Guides Half Crown Club Mothers' Union Parent & Toddlers Group Rainbow Guides Badminton/Games Club  This is the opportunity for adults to meet friends and enjoy badminton. Meets on Wednesday evenings at 8.00pm. Contact: Chris Oke  / Tel 01923 220782 Bible Study / Home Fellowship Groups There   are   various   groups   that   meet   for   fellowship   and   Bible   study   or   meditation   with   music. For more details regarding meeting dates and venues see below. Contact: Position is vacant Bookstall Contact: Position is vacant                                                                                                                                              2nd Croxley Green Brownies  The   Brownie   Guide   Unit   known   as   2nd   Croxley   Green   Brownies   meet   at All   Saints   Church   Hall on Fridays in term time between 5.45pm and 7.15pm. Brownies     follow     a     range     of     challenges     covering     activities     which     involve,     alertness, environment,   being   aware   of   health,   helpfulness,   creativity   and   friendliness,   gaining   new   skills and   knowledge.   They   can   also   pursue   their   own   personal   hobbies   to   achieve   recognition   by gaining selective badges on their chosen interests. The   meetings   whether   indoors,   outdoors   or   visiting   a   venue   of   interest   or   for   leisure   are   full   of fun, laughter, learning seriousness and thoughtfulness. Contact: Cell Church  We   are   a   part   of   the   Body   of   Christ   and   therefore   small   cells   and   these   cells   are   mutually linked   and   support   one   another.   Meetings   are   held   regularly   at   various   venues.   We   provide   a warm and happy atmosphere to which you are most welcome. Contact: The Vicar  / Tel 01923 772109                                                                                                                Church Flowers  Contact: Position is vacant  All Saints' Church Choir  Affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music  At All   Saints'   Church,   Croxley   Green,   the   choir   has   played   an   integral   part   in   the   worship   of   the church   since   its   foundation   more   than   one   hundred   and   thirty   five   years   ago.   The   Choir   was affiliated   to   the   Royal   School   of   Church   Music   in   1951,   and   sings   the   Sung   Mass   (9.45am)   and Choral Evensong (6.00pm) each Sunday. The   choir   is   now   seeking   to   recruit   more   members,   both   girls   and   boys,   from   age   of   ten upwards,   or   from   six   years   for   the   Children’s   Choir   who   sing   a   reduced   schedule.   If   you   enjoy singing,   we   would   like   to   hear   from   you.      The   chorister’s   are   paid   a   small   quarterly   sum,   and have   the   opportunity   to   work   towards   the   Royal   School   of   Church   Music’s   awards.      Additional Ladies and Gentlemen would also be most welcome. For more details, please contact: Chris Ashley / Tel 07425 672600 Family Service  Held   on   the   3rd   Sunday   of   each   month   at   11.30am   till   12noon,   this   lively   service   is   aimed   at   all members   of   the   family.   The   children   love   it.   You   don't   need   to   book.   Just   turn   up,   we   will   be pleased to see you. Contact: Anne Oke  / Tel 01923 220782 2nd Croxley Green Guides                                         Guides   are   a   group   of   girls   aged   10   and   over,   we   meet   at All   Saints'   Church   Hall   every   Friday evening   throughout   the   term   from   7.15pm   to   9.15pm.   We   currently   have   36   guides   working mainly   in   small   group   based   activities.   All   Guides   are   involved   in   planning   their   own   termly programmes   enjoying   the   outdoors,   and   also   working   towards   "Go   for   Its"   and   interest   badges, and even camping. At all times we make sure we have fun. Contact: Mothers' Union     This   is   an   international   organisation   whose   primary   concern   is   sanctity   of   marriage   and   family life.   It   was   originally   for   mothers   only   but   now   it   is   open   to   men   and   women,   single   or   divorced who are interested in good family life. Meeting are held 1st Friday of the month at 2.15pm. Link to Diary Contact: Anne Oke  / Tel 01923 220782                                                                                                                                            Parent and Toddlers Group  Young parents and children meet together, have fun and make new friends. Held on Mondays and Thursdays 9.30am till 11.15am. Contact: Mondays - Jane Bates / Tel 01923 492890              Thursdays - contact via Parish Office / Tel 01923 772109 2nd Croxley Green Rainbow Guide  We   are   the   youngest   section   of   the   Guide   movement   and   our   ages   range   from   5-7   years   old. We   meet   at All   Saints   Church   Hall,The   Green,   Croxley   Green   on   Wednesdays   from   5:30pm   to 6:30pm (term time only) If   interested,   you   can   put   your   daughter's   name   on   our   waiting   list   (we   have   3   Rainbow   units   in Croxley Green) from her 3rd birthday. 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