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Parochial Church Council (PCC)
Parochial Church Council Membership Committees Reports Meetings The PCC is elected to cooperate with the Vicar in promoting the mission of the Church in this parish i.e. all aspects of parish life and it is responsible for the financial affairs of the Church and of course in the raising of funds. The PCC, are also responsible for the care and maintenance of the Church fabric and its contents and have a voice in the Forms of Service used in Church and can make representations to the Bishop regarding the welfare of the Parish. In all of this the PCC try to represent the views of parishioners. The 1956 PCC (Powers) Measure 1956 highlights the Vicar promoting the ‘mission’, the Treasurer handling the ‘financial’, the Churchwardens the ‘fabric and contents’ of the Church and the PCC is responsible for all matters in the management and running of the Parish. PCC Membership 2017 - 2018 Members of the PCC are either ex officio or elected by the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) in accordance with the Church Representation Rules. Member Representative Complete Office Rev Miriam Mugan Vicar   Dave Jones   Curate Martin Harris Churchwarden Annual Lyndon Palmer Churchwarden Annual Anne Oke Deanery Synod Rep 2019 Fran Bennett Deanery Synod Rep 2019 Chris Fagan  Secretary 2019 Nik Bennett   Assistant Churchwarden / Deanery Synod Rep 2019 Janet Martin 2019 John Galloway 2019 Jane Goodman 2019 Ann Palmer   2020 Sam Beard   2020 Wendy Shafe 2020 Shirley Ford 2020 Peter Shafe   Assistant Churchwarden 2021 Andrew Nobbs Treasurer 2021 Jane Bates 2021 Vacancy 2021 PCC Sub Committees 2017 - 2018 GROUP PCC MEMBERS OTHER MEMBERS Finance / Standing Committee Rev Miriam Mugan (Chair) Martin Harris Lyndon Palmer Nik Bennett Peter Shafe Andrew Nobbs Chris Fagan   Janet Martin Sam Beard Pastoral & Evangelism Group Rev Miriam Mugan (Chair) Rev David Jones Anne Oke Chris Ashley            Fran Bennett Sr Mary Bittles Lyndon Palme Andrew Nobbs Jane Goodman Martin Harris Jane Bates Building Committee John Galloway (Chair) Rev Miriam Mugan Chris Oke Nik Bennett Peter Shafe Ann Palmer Lyndon Palmer Martin Harris Social & Fundraising Committee Ann Palmer (Chair) Rev Miriam Mugan Sue Humphries Martin Harris            Anne Harris Lyndon Palmer Nik Bennett       Judith Man Chris Fagan Janet Martin Peter Shafe Wendy Shafe Church Hall Committee Peter Shafe (Chair) Judith Man Martin Harris Janet Martin Wendy Shafe Communinications Team Rev Daivd Jones Rev Miriam Mugan Peter Shafe Lyndon Palmer Shirley Ford Garden Team Janet Martin Martin Harris Magazine Team Wendy Shafe Shelagh Booth Fran Bennett Janet Martin Rev Daivd Jones PCC Reports                                                                                                                    Annual Report for year ending 31st December 2017        PCC Meeting Dates 2018                                                                                             PCC Meetings are open to PCC Members Only DATE TIME   LOCATION   COMMENTS   4th January 8.00pm   Committee Room 2rd March   8.00pm   Committee Room     22nd April   11:15am   Church Hall   Vestry & APCM   3rd May   8.00pm   Committee Room     5th July   8.00pm   Committee Room     6th September 8.00pm   Committee Room   1st November 8.00pm   Committee Room     2019       3rd January   8.00pm   Committee Room PCC Membership Committees Reports Meetings    
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